Special dads are an amazing bunch of guys. We all struggle in one way or another. Very common responses to a child's special needs include;

  • We naturally want to fix our kid

  • We struggle with mental health

  • We turn to others for help

  • Help comes in many forms

  • We find a path

We started the group in 2017 after a weekend getaway for dads hosted by the generosity of a local Ontario Canada government agency. After the weekend we said “We've got to do this again”. From there the group was a fast growing group of guys that met face to face monthly to talk through our thoughts together.

While we've received and are grateful for having received government grants over the years our preference for funding is generous donations without any strings attached.

In 2020 Covid hit the world and the Special Dads went online to meet and expand! We went global and increased our reach and community of like-minded Special Dads.

Brett Philp